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Does Massaging the Breasts Can Make Your Partner Cum Exclusively?

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As a macho man, how can you miss out on making your partner cum? This time, are you planning not to put your penis or hands inside her panties? If it is so, then better invest some time in applying the art of massaging the breasts of your Chennai escort.

Squeezing the hands over the breasts in pumping motion repeatedly can let in arousing the erotic pleasure. Slowly moving the hands down towards the nipple can provide her highest excitement.

All you need is to massage all around the breast including outside and bottom areas. Want to know more about the right steps to breast stimulation for your female partner? Here are some tips…..

Want to Give a Kick Start? Lube up Your Hands….

To make the most out of the breast stimulation play, better lube up your hands at the best. It will add to the overall joy of the entertaining session. Also, they must be free from any type of dead skin cells.

You can start with your preparation by mixing salt, exfoliating scrub, and baking soda in equal proportions at home. After exfoliation, better rub your hands with body moisture. Rubbing both hands vigorously will warm up the hands.

This will ensure that the call girl in Bangalore hired will come across a pleasurable touch from the beginning.

What will be the Right Position for Giving Breast Massage?

After being done with warming up of the hands, it is high time to take the right erotic position for pleasure. You can sit with your back leaned against the headboard of the bed. The legs must be parted together with the knees bent. Once ready, request your dream girl to come and lean back against your chest. As it will be a special massage session, better reach for her breasts. Spending some time kissing, caressing, and holding your call girl in Chennai may help.

For an extra glide, you can add a little bit of moisture and start caressing the underside of her boobs.

Will Cupping of Her Breasts Increase Stimulation?

To increase stimulation, you may go with cupping her breasts followed by wrapping up of fingers around. For a better experience, you can start squeezing softly and firmly. Afterward, you can rotate your hands slowly around the entire surface of her breasts.

Alternatively, you may start gently and increase the grip based on the responses of your Chennai escorts. As it will be an entertaining session, better concentrate on her comfort. It will be good if you treat her like your wife for an enjoyable experience.

Does Pinching of Nipples Facilitate Higher Level of Arousal?

Yes, pinching of the nipples facilitates easy arousal and flow of blood. With quick strokes and some pressure, you can carry on with teasing the body of your partner. Massaging her upper portion just like kneading a dough gently can stimulate all her senses.

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Lastly, whispering some sexy shits in the year of your call girl in Bangalore can make her feel great. Communicating during the massage will stimulate her mind and remove mental hang-ups. Kissing her neck will also please her to the maximum.

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