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What are Some Erotic Moves to Stimulate the Belly Button of Your Partner?

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Stroking the abdominal area is one of the most extreme erotic feelings for a woman. Are you looking forward to providing the highest level of joy to your housewife escort? If yes, then why not grab the chance to play with her belly button?

Following some highly erotic moves will take your level of romantic joy to sky height. After the successful completion of a session, your partner will ask for one more.

Why Not Start with Piercing the Naval?

Among all erogenous zones, the naval of a partner is one of the hottest spots. To make the most out of your romantic escort service in Bangalore, massaging the belly button will do.

It is one of the greatest ways to rev her engine. You can pierce the area with your finger and pressurize while kissing. Drawing a line with your tongue from her belly button downward will create a highly tingling feeling.

How will the Idea of Making Circles around the Belly Button be?

Making circles all around the belly button will create an erotic climax. You can use a cream, hot oil, or your tongue to make large circles.

If you are aware of the use associated with sex toys like dildos, then giving a swirl to Chennai Call Girls will be enjoyable. Stimulating sensitive parts of the body before a sexual arousal session will be one of the hottest foreplay ideas.

Why Miss Out on Feeding Off Each Other?

Do you mind getting a bit dirtier with one of your air hostess escorts? If not, then dabbing of whipped cream inside the belly button followed by licking will do. Alternatively, you can use honey to make the time exclusively memorable.

While enjoying, do not commit the blunder of using heavy syrups like chocolate syrup. They may have some debris left behind, thus resulting in a cavity. Using ice cubes followed by licking of the water all around the abdomen will pamper her.

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These are some exclusive ways to make the most out of the navel button stimulation. To make the most out of the escort service in Bangalore, there are certain precautions to take.

What Types of Activities You Must Avoid in Navel Orgasm?

Navel orgasm arouses a great sensation of sexual pleasure inside your partner. To make a hundred percent out of this escort service in Chennai, there are certain activities to avoid.

Those activities include the following:

  1. Being too dominant – It is advisable not to be too dominant at the time of carrying out navel stimulation. Such activities may result in high discomfort to the partner.
  2. Solely focussing on your joy – At the time of having belly button play with your housewife escort, you must focus on the preference of your escort too.
  3. Not communicating – Not communicating properly with your partner beforehand is one of the biggest blunders. Discussing with the partner will let you know about her likes and dislikes.

These are some activities to avoid at the time of navel orgasm. To get a highly remarkable benefit from a Chennai escort, you can join Bangalore Night Queens.

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